Reading and the Livescribe smartpen

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  • For Reading specialists and others who teach and assess reading


  1. From Cathy Frank's* "Reading Instruction Using the Livescribe Smartpen" pdf .doc docx
    * Cathy and her husband Dustin Frank are Livescribe K-12 Representatives in Nebraska an d Kansas. They have a great resource page for Livescribe and a monthly newsletter.

Videos and step by step instructions

21st Century Assessment

  • Use pencasts to create formative assessment opportunities for reading strategies. Students can record questions, inferences, or connections into the pen as they read, giving the teacher an idea of how they are progressing in developing those strategies while reading. Students can also record reading summaries and sequencing pencasts.
  • For inspiration see: Video - Example of a pencast that shows story or process sequencing

Center Based Instruction – Student Use

  • The students record their activities at each center and the teacher can then listen to hear if each student fulfilled their role/obligation. This eliminates the need for a teacher to have their immediate presence at each activity to assure that the activities are done. This helps keep them on task and on time. The teacher can at any time check for understanding and adjust their instructional conversation with students in order to tap into higher levels of critical thinking.
  • Blog post with pencasts - Perfect for a split (on the extraordinary blog "Live Learning with Livescribe")

Interactive Books

  • Through a very simple process of recording the pages of a book onto dot-paper audio dots using the smartpen, any book in the classroom library can be made interactive. The words can be read to the student, and questions can even be posed to the student requiring a verbal response.
  • Video: Read-along interactive book
  • For inspiration see: Storybook Reading: Interactive book with questions

Oral Book Report

Reading fluency and running records

Talking Word Wall