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Research Support

Access Rates

  • A comparison of Information Access Rates Between the Apple iPod and the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen - 1 page pdf

Assistive Technology

Blind/visually impaired

Chemistry Pencasts

Chemistry Pencasts + A Comparison of Pencasts With Other Forms of Lecture Capture
  • Blog post by Dr. Daniel Stasko
  • Paper by Dr. Stasko: "Digital notes and lecture capture: pencasts as electronic copies of live STEM lectures and student access to digital lectures"
  • Abstract: Shifting physical science classes into an online environment poses a number of special challenges due to the presentation of STEM content. In an attempt to improve student access and immersion in challenging science topics, lecture capture and sharing was utilized through the use of pencasts. Students in two separate chemistry courses were given access to digitally captured, in-class lecture session (incorporating both audio and text). Student utilization of these recorded class session was monitored using readily available tools. How and when students interacted with the digital capture of the classes was examined in an attempt to better understand student utilization of supplemental materials and to examine the use of pencasts as a medium for physical science course delivery.

Differentiating with Pencasts

TechBits - Differentiating with Pencasts (page 38/39)


Online Math Learning Resource and Support Center


  • Notetaking research

    • Adapted from Livescribe in K-12 Research (above): 7 page pdf
      external image Cognitive-Effort-Notetaking-from-a-lecture-2.png
  • Cognitive effort during Note Taking

    Piolat, Olive & Kellogg - pdf - 12 page article + 7 pages of references
  • Notetaking at RIT

    • Livescribe //Smartpen// Pilot Program- Winter Quarter 2008-09
    • Results: Overall, participants were happy with the Livescribe Smartpen. 10 of the 11 participants elected to continue using the pen in place of a note-taker in at least once course each quarter while they remain at RIT. The one student who did not wish to continue using the pen without a back-up note-taker stated that he wanted to use both the pen and a note-taker and we were offering one or the other, so he would probably buy his own pen and continue with using both. The students provided the following feedback [See article].

Pharmaceutical calculations course

  • Article: "A brief report on the use of paper-based computing to supplement a pharmaceutical calculations course"
  • Objective: To describe changes in the delivery of the pharmaceutical calculations course associated with incorporation of synchronized audio/visual recordings (pencasts) using the Livescribe Pulse™ pen.
  • Conclusion: Nearly half (46%) of students surveyed reported using pencasts, and 92.6% of students who reported using pencasts believed that pencasts enhanced learning. Students also responded that pencasts may be beneficial for other pharmacy courses, including pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, chemistry, physical chemistry, and pharmacology