Special Education

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Videos and Steps

Note taking

Assistive Technology for Note Taking

  • A student with an auditory processing problem may take incomplete notes. Physical and hearing impairments may also limit speed and make note- taking difficult. A note-taking accommodation is intended to provide information that the student would have gotten on his own, if not for his disability. Livescribe should be the first line of support to provide note-taking accommodations.

Slow down (or speed up) audio

  • Students can slow down or speed up their teachers’ recorded lectures, improving comprehension

Students Helping Students

Penmail for Parent-Teacher Communication


Testing Accommodations

  • If the student’s IEP requires that test directions be read orally and/or the reading of the test direction is repeated as needed, the Livescribe pen can be used for these purposes. Also, if the student’s learning disability is in written language and a scribe is writing student responses, the pen can be used to record them, assuring accuracy. Blog post 1 with video Blog post 2 with video